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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    105Chia-Hui Huang, Keng-Chieh Yang, Han-Ying Kao,2014,Analyzing Big Data with the Hybrid Interval Regression Methods,The Scientific World Journal (SCI)
    1042015,,51,pp84-98 (SSCI)Mei-Se Chien
    1042015,,24,2,pp27-53 (TSSCI)Mei-Se Chien
    1042015,,24,2 (TSSCI)Te-Chung Hu
    1042015,,51 (SSCI)Te-Chung Hu
    1042015, (SSCI)Chia-Chien Chang
    1042015,,47,43 (SSCI)Chia-Chien Chang
    1042015,,47,43 (SSCI)Te-Chung Hu
    1042015,,20,1 (TSSCI)Chih-Hsien Lo
    1042014,,8481,pp240-249 (EI)
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