Journal paper
Entry Year98
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)Applying Mobile Agent to a Mobile Stock Intermediary Services System Development (NSC 96-2416-H-151 -005)
Name of journalInternational Journal of Smart Home
Date of publication2008-04-00
number of chapters2
Issue No.2
Name of author (Chinese)Ping-Chen Lin
Name of author (English)Ping-Chen Lin
Due to the radical changing of the global economy, a more precise stock valuation helps providing important judgment principles to decision-makers and investors. With the advent of the third-generation (3G) or future forth-generation (4G) Internet, the mobile commerce (MCommerce) will become increasingly important. In addition, the mobile stock investment decision support system attracts great interests for professionals, such as stockholders, bondholders, financial analysts, governmental officials, and even the general public, recently. This study introduces a Mobile Agent-based Stock Intermediary Services System (MASISS) framework based on the mobile agent perspective to provide ubiquitous and seamless transaction activities for financial institutions. It also helps customers to make a more precise decision in the current intense commercial competition environment. For building distributed enterprise systems, The MASISS framework is developed in an integration of J2ME and J2EE environment with cross-platform portability, a huge server-side and client-side deployment base, and coverage for most W3C standards.

Keywords: Mobile agent; Mobile stock intermediary services; Stock investment decision; Wireless handheld devices.
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